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Confessions of an Intern

Learn about some intern experiences from the Herbert School of Communication

Alicia Hastey

NBC Universal

Ciara w/ ElmoWhat is your current job title, and what are the responsibilities of this position?

NBC Universal East Coast Page.

A page acts as liaison between NBC Studios and the public. Some duties include ticketing, working show tapings (The Tonight Show, Late Night, SNL and The Meredith Vieira Show) and conducting tours of the NBC Studios. A page also works assignments in different departments of NBC to assist in any way the show or department needs.

What internships did you have during your time at Hofstra?

NBC News- Northeast Bureau
I independently produced MSNBC live shots; coordinating talent and crew to get on air with latest and most up to date information. I also worked with producers on live shots to air on TODAY, Nightly News with Brian Williams and MSNBC. Finally, I assisted staff on projects collecting and shooting elements, doing research and scouting locations.

FOX News Channel- Northeast Bureau
I worked with producers on live shots to air on Fox News Chanel and assisted producers on field shoots with note taking, interviewing and research.

ABC News- NewsOne
I worked as a production assistant with affiliates to meet their varied needs and provide file footage for daily newscasts. I also monitored feeds and daily news stories to distribute to ABC affiliates. Finally, I edited pieces as well as file footage for use by affiliates.

Live! With Kelly
I acted as liaison between audience and show for ticket requests and contest winners and assisted audience coordinator with guest seating and maintenance during the show.

How did your internship impact the work you did at Hofstra?

My internships helped shaped my interests in my classes and extracurriculars at Hofstra. It also helped me to see how valuable the work I was doing in my classes was and how in turn that work made me a better intern at each place.

What was the most valuable thing you learned during your internships?

The most valuable thing I learned at my internships was that people are always watching and that building relationships with people is just as important if not more important than what work you do while there.

How did your internship experience(s) help you obtain your current position and start your career path?

My internship at NBC directly helped me get my current job as I was able to enter the intern pipeline to get my resume looked at by the Page Program and because my intern supervisor acted as a reference for my application. Otherwise, all of my internships helped me get the job because I had office and production experience that is applicable to the program.

What advice would you give to current/future interns to make the most of their internship experiences?

I would say that it is important to both ask for more responsibilities and to say yes to anything they ask you to do. You are never too good for anything, but you are there to learn something new so you have to find the balance.  It’s important to ask questions and to let the people you work with know that you care about what you are doing!

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