Lawrence A. Stessin Prize
for Outstanding Scholarly Publication

Each year the University awards the Lawrence A. Stessin Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication. This prize was established in the 1984/85 academic year to reward the scholarly efforts of junior faculty. Normally, there are two awards each year.

Dr. Stessin joined the Hofstra University faculty as a Professor of Management in 1958 and served continuously until his retirement in 1973. After graduation from the Columbia University School of Journalism he worked at The New York Times and as a columnist and associate editor of Forbes Magazine. Dr. Stessin also published in a wide range of scholarly and academic media.

During his lifetime and as part of his will, Dr. Stessin made substantial contributions to our University. His contribution to the Endowment Fund, which led to the establishment of the Stessin Prize, came with the expressed wish that the earnings from that gift be used as an incentive and reward for junior faculty who publish the results of their scholarly work.

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Eligibility of Individuals

All full-time tenure track Instructors, all full-time tenure track Assistant Professors, all full-time tenure track Associate Professors, and all Law School contract faculty and Physician Assistant clinical faculty in their first five years of employment at the time the work is published are eligible. Tenure designates are considered tenure track. Tenured faculty are ineligible. An individual must be employed by the University during the selection process and the work must indicate that the author is affiliated with Hofstra University.

Types of Publication

Books, monographs, journal articles and similar publications which appeared in print in the calendar year prior to the award (e.g. 2000 for those awarded in the 2000/2001 academic year) are eligible. Reprints of oral presentations are excluded. The published work must identify the author as a Hofstra faculty member.

Selection Process

The selection process will take place according to an established timetable which runs from late January into April. Each school, college, division of HCLAS, and the Library establishes a review committee of three tenured faculty members, not eligible for the award, who review all submissions from their constituency. Each committee forwards all works received and ranks their recommendations of the top three for the subcommittee of the Provost's Advisory Council, which will select the recipients of the awards.