DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science

DeMatteis OverSEAS

Engineering with an International Focus

The DeMatteis OverSEAS Program is designed to prepare a select group of engineering students for careers with a global perspective. Candidates for the program are students who appreciate worldwide cultural diversity, and seek to promote the well-being of others through engineering solutions.

The program, which begins during a student’s freshman year, is comprised of standard engineering coursework with a focused liberal arts concentration, and a capstone summer design experience, which is completed over the course of approximately eight weeks on-site in a Central or South American country.

The program culminates with a real-world engineering project that is specifically designed to improve the infrastructure of a Central or South American community.

For more information contact:
Edward M. Segal, PhD, P. E., Assistant Professor
Phone: 516-463-7220
Email: edward.m.segal[at]